We work with many companies and developers around the world, by contributing to the development of their software and participating in their competitions We are motivated by innovative approaches, innovative software and where this will take us, whether it's making our own software or contributing to projects maintained by other entities

We strive to create software and media that enriches the lives of people around the world, whether it's through creating a game that brings people together or by writing novels that inspire people.

We create artwork If you were to create an ark to travel to distant planets to set up a new colony, you wouldn't just need scientists and engineers. Without art, and artists, what makes us human disappears. We create writings, music and video that not only tells a story, it paints a picture.

We are a media studio After originally starting out as a software development group, we decided that software is not the only medium that we can play a part in shaping. Now, we work on fiction novels with the aim to inspire creatives and non-fiction texts to provide as a resource for creatives.

We write code Games may not seem like a medium that aids scientific discovery, but through the use of the citizen science platform Zooniverse, CCP Games have proven that games and media can and do provide means for questions to be answered and mass-experiments to be conducted. Therefore, we construct our software with the goal of advancing mankind's discovery and joy.

Communicate Communication is vital to our success; it is the very reason why us as humans have been able to strive to build the technology you're using to read this. Throughout the entire development process, our members and readers will be fully aware of what's going on and we're 100% open source. Our community forums are always open to anyone.