Voicebox and APIs

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At AC0/RD, one of our goals is to connect the world. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, allow applications to talk to each other. These applications can be developed by the same company or by different groups. They are extremely valuable in what we want to do as a company.

Because of this, we've been working on integrating the alpha version of our API into our websites. We're using the excellent Git project known as "Probot", which allows you to easily create an application interacting with the Github API using node.js. Currently, we're using it to automatically (using machine learning) assign labels to our Github issues and also to integrate with the browser-based extension Zenhub. We hope to integrate this with the "voicebox" project, more on that later.


Voice assistants are becoming increasingly important, and from the improvements Apple & Google are making to their assistants, it seems that Big Tech agrees with this sentiment. While we all know the amazing things that Siri or Bixby can do, one of the lesser-known features is that it's easy to integrate your own products or projects into these applets. Voicebox is all about integrating our "Scikit" applets into firstly Amazon Alexa.

One of our first ideas was to integrate the popular "Starwalk" genre of mobile applications into the voice assistant, where simple voice commands such as "Alexa, where will Venus be tonight in the sky at 8pm?" will result in accurate answers. Of course, for a command palette supporting this feature set, the user will require the Star Walk app and the "Voicebox" extension.

We aim to either enter into partnership with other development teams like Star Walk or, failing that, to develop our own versions of the applications as for most end users installing extensions is tedious and confusing and often results in lag or app crashing. We want to ensure that the user experience is just the same with, or without our Voicebox feature.

Watch this space as we reveal more about the Scikit & Voicebox integration.

Competition news

Myself and Rishabh recently entered in the NASA Spaceapps competition for 2020. You can find out more about our entry by checking out our Github announcement.



  • Zenhub --- Agile project management for Github


Coming up in October[fest]


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  • Our own Probot tutorial

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